Sparrow’s Nest: Peas in a Pod

Peas in a Pod was inspired by reading Isaiah 61:11- “For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” This is a necklace that represents the family that a mother grows in her own garden. The mother prepares and nourishes her children just like a farmer does to his crops. They both have the responsibility of producing the crop that they prepare for. How much work they put into their children/ crop will affect the outcome of their family/ produce. One thing that is extra special about this necklace is that it not only applies to mothers but to all women of all ages whether they have children or not. To the ones who do not have children this can represent any woman who has sown the seed in her praise to God! It is our job to sew the seed to spread God’s word to those who are in need of our merciful Savior. Whether one is raising a family or sewing the seed of God’s word, we are all raising a garden of our own for Christ.


Anyone who has grown a garden or knows anything about a garden knows that it takes hard work, patience, and trust. Because I was raised in a rural town and on a farm I know more about gardening than I want to. So many early mornings were spent in our garden where I was either helping clear off the land where my dad was going to plow, sewing the seeds of the vegetables we were to grow, or picking and gathering our harvest. It is easy for me to say that gardening is not very fun. It seems so much fun in my mind but when it comes down to it gardening is a lot of work. It takes hours a day to ready the soil and watch over the crops to produce the vegetables we have planted. Not only does this consist of early mornings but those early mornings consist of 90-degree humid weather. At the time I thought it was pure torture that my dad was forcing me to take part in. Now, I appreciate the hard work that he put us through because with hard work comes life lessons. I now know what good work ethic is and that good things come to those who work hard. After spending many days preparing the grounds and sewing the seeds, the only thing we had to do then was wait. This part of the process always frustrated me because I never thought it was fair that we had to work so hard for something that takes so long to grow. I have learned many life lessons from this, too. However, just like the hard work, I knew something good was going to happen from waiting and having patience. I knew that we were going to produce vegetables from our hard work and patience through trust. There was nothing I could do to change the process except to trust that what we did would produce. I had faith in our garden and every time my trust and faith never failed me because we had a full harvest every year.img_0517

Like so many other things in our life, this applies and signifies our journey in walking with Christ. When we accept His gift of eternal life we have to put in hard work, have patience, and have trust in Him. From being a Christian for 11 years now I have learned that being a follower of Christ takes a lot of effort. Daily, Christians are being put on the pedestal or under a microscope to see if we falter in our testimony. This is why keeping our testimony pure and holy is so imperative. Non believers are watching our every move waiting to see if we will falter under the pressure that this corrupt world presses on us. Honestly at times it is hard to not fall and give into the world’s temptation, but I have to exercise my heart and spirit in God’s word so I can have a shield that protects me against those invitations. This world is full of evil so us Christians have to work harder everyday to reach out to those who follow the corruption the world produces, keep our testimony in check, and to not make provision for the flesh. When we do these things but see no results it presents a show of impatience that we display to our God. There are so many times that we may think something should be happening at a certain time when it is not in God’s plan for that event to take place yet. This requires patience from us to wait for God to deliver His plan. For us to have the right kind of patience we must have full trust in God. Let this necklace be a reminder that trusting in His plan and promises is just like trusting that there will be produce to harvest from our garden… He will deliver and provide.

Sparrow’s Nest: Pearl of Great Price

Pearl of Great Price necklace correlates to sinners seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. Our salvation is as precious as a pearl whose value is high with our security in salvation! This necklace represents the beauty in salvation and eternal life through our Lord and is available to all girls/ teens/ and women.img_0479

In Matthew 13:45-46 Jesus gives us the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. In this parable we infer that the pearl signifies our salvation. When becoming a new Christian it seems so easy to follow God’s footsteps and paths because we are fresh in our born again spirit! However, as time goes on our flesh becomes more overbearing than our spirit does and the flesh starts winning more battles causing us to lose the passion we once had for Christ. One aspect I remember having when I first accepted God into my heart was how purely beautiful salvation is. We gain a free gift for just believing in His word and accepting Him in our hearts. Jesus died for each and every single one of us so that we could have a home for eternity in Heaven. Doesn’t that seem wild beyond belief? At times it does for me because I cannot help but think ‘Why would someone so pure and perfect give their life for someone as retched and failing as I?’ Jesus paid a great price for us to be able to obtain eternal life, and that great price was His own life. I know no other way someone could show how much they love everyone except for sacrificing themselves for sinners. Wearing this necklace helps me remember how precious and valuable my salvation is. It opens doors to so many who are without Christ leading me to be able to witness to them. Let us all stay humble in the idea of our precious God and salvation who are given with a great price.img_0481