Sparrow’s Nest: Pearl of Great Price

Pearl of Great Price necklace correlates to sinners seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. Our salvation is as precious as a pearl whose value is high with our security in salvation! This necklace represents the beauty in salvation and eternal life through our Lord and is available to all girls/ teens/ and women.img_0479

In Matthew 13:45-46 Jesus gives us the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. In this parable we infer that the pearl signifies our salvation. When becoming a new Christian it seems so easy to follow God’s footsteps and paths because we are fresh in our born again spirit! However, as time goes on our flesh becomes more overbearing than our spirit does and the flesh starts winning more battles causing us to lose the passion we once had for Christ. One aspect I remember having when I first accepted God into my heart was how purely beautiful salvation is. We gain a free gift for just believing in His word and accepting Him in our hearts. Jesus died for each and every single one of us so that we could have a home for eternity in Heaven. Doesn’t that seem wild beyond belief? At times it does for me because I cannot help but think ‘Why would someone so pure and perfect give their life for someone as retched and failing as I?’ Jesus paid a great price for us to be able to obtain eternal life, and that great price was His own life. I know no other way someone could show how much they love everyone except for sacrificing themselves for sinners. Wearing this necklace helps me remember how precious and valuable my salvation is. It opens doors to so many who are without Christ leading me to be able to witness to them. Let us all stay humble in the idea of our precious God and salvation who are given with a great price.img_0481


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