Virtuous Woman

Living up to the expectations of the women in today’s world seems impossible to most since those who many girls look up to are celebrities or someone who is famous through social media. What we see is the good in their life which is exotic trips to paradise, the newest and most stylish clothing, and those girls having great times hanging out with their friends. Though it may seem that they live the perfect life, is that the life that we should want to follow?

img_0556Growing up as a teenager in this era of technology and social media I can say that it is truly hard not to fall into the temptation of wanting to live like the ones we see constantly on our TV, Computer, and Phone screens. This is what I believe most struggle with when it comes to temptation. They do not start wanting to fall into the wicked until they see someone else performing that act and portraying a “fun time”. We all make mistakes but it becomes a problem when we allow those mistakes to define our testimony. What is a testimony anyway? A testimony is almost the same as your reputation… You know that thing that everyone cares about their middle-high school years instead of the important things that will affect our future? Well that is the thing that makes your testimony and reputation different. Your testimony has a lot to do with your future. If you have a Godly testimony, then you will not make bad decisions that affect your life in a bad way. Also, others see your Christian testimony and know not to persuade you to do something that you do not want to do.img_0552

If we want to keep a good testimony, we should have someone to look up to that has a Godly testimony for us to follow. Want to know the best place to find someone? The Bible of course! I love Proverbs and I believe that it should be a daily read for your growth in your walk with the Lord and to guide us through this crazy world. So lucky for us the Bible provides us an expectation of what a woman of God should be like. This line of jewelry is inspired by Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” The rest of this chapter in Proverbs describes what a virtuous woman’s characteristics are, but the verse that describes the valuableness of a woman who follows God’s path and lives her life with a testimony for God is the one who most remember. A virtuous woman is valuable and a rarity. Everyone wants to be ordinary in this world and aside from the status quo. The best way to separate yourself from what everyone else is like is to do the opposite of what the world expects and live your life for God. Be the woman who has morals, who is modest, and who has a meek and humble spirit about them. All the world shows us is women who are dishonorable, who are flamboyant, and have a proud character about them. When it comes to our last day it will not matter what impression we have made for the world, it will matter what impression we have made for God on the world. So when temptation comes and when the wonderful idea of this world starts to take hold let this necklace be a reminder to be a woman who follows our Lord, a virtuous woman.