All About Sparrow’s Nest

Hello all! I am Anna Sexton and I am a current college student who is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. All my life I have loved to do crafts and make homemade artifacts for others and myself. I have always believed there is something extra special about a handmade gift. I apply this to my life through Jesus Christ. I am special because He handmade me into the image I am today. I have been twisted, bent, and put through the fire to mold me into me. I have looked for years on ways to praise His name and tell others about the joy that everyone can find through Jesus by using a talent of mine. Until I started making jewelry I never thought I had a good enough talent to present in front of God and to God. However, through the love, support, and encouragement that so many show me I have been encouraged to keep making and selling jewelry while presenting God’s wondrous and beautiful words and lessons that are presented in His holy word. I hope that all get a blessing out of the jewelry and posts as much as I have received through making them!